Thursday, December 24, 2009

His law is love, his gospel is peace

I hope you all find yourselves with loved ones celebrating the time we remember the birth of our Redeemer with your own traditions.

This time of year has come to mean so much more to me as I continue to learn about the huge sacrifice that it was to willingly walk away from everything Jesus had as the Son of God in heaven. The comfort of paradise was his, the power of creating and sustaining the universe was his, the warmth and community of the trinity was his, and for me, he became a cold, tiny, crying baby born in an animal shed. Yes, dying for you and I was Christ’s greatest sacrifice but I just am reminded this holiday season what a huge sacrifice strapping on some sin-craving, pain-filled, limiting skin was for him.

Understanding the whole fully God/fully man thing is hard to handle sometimes, but fully God/fully baby? Even harder to wrap my head around, I mean is there anything more vulnerable than a newborn baby, who can't hold his head up? And is there anything less vulnerable than the all powerful King of Kings? That is so the opposite way that we are taught to think to live- we don't do anything to limit our own power. It makes me think about Mary too, what an amazing young woman she must have been to be chosen by God, not only to share DNA with Jesus, but to protect him and care for him when he was an vulnerable little baby who depended on her entirely for his physical needs.

So this holiday as we are rushing and stressing, remember this is the time we remember the ultimate Missionary going to his mission field. Sure that sounds a little corny, but its true, Christ relocated from every comfort and ultimate power, to earth, to suffer, to be mocked, disrespected and ultimately murdered and all because he loves us so much that he didn't want to live in eternity without us there with him. There isn't any gift, under any tree in this entire world that can beat that.

Hard to believe that there are only 8 days before I leave for Thailand!  I am busy with getting ready, and spending the holidays with family and friends.  Mom and LiAnna have planned a going away reception on the 27th, and if anyone would like to go contact me for more information, but I would love to see everyone and get a chance to say goodbye for a while!  Financially I am doing pretty good got an update from WMF and right now I have $2,588.  Still shooting for the $4000 before I go, and over all $7000 but I believe that it will come in and I am so thankful to amazing friends and family for all the support and prayers.

Be safe, and have a very merry Christmas!

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