Monday, November 9, 2009


The healing from surgery is going good.  I get my stitches out tomorrow!  Yay!  I head back to work on Wednesday which is good, I have missed the little kiddos and the books haha.  Thank you for your recovery well wishes and prayers, I like it!

So, things are going pretty good on the Thailand front.  Reading the books and just really hitting this fund raising thing sort of hard as I am running out of time.  I've written some letters, sent them out, posted some blogs, been sort of annoying about and most importantly I've been praying. 

I really need the funds guys.  I mean I need a ticket to Thailand in order to minister to people in Thailand as I feel that God has called me to do. I have a couple hundred dollars raised so far, and that is great!  I am so thankful for everyone who has been able to donate.  The thing is I need $4,000 before December the 1st. 

Fund raising is my least favorite part, because it's embarrasing to ask for money, but it's been a way that God is teaching me that I can't do this alone.  That I need the support of the people he has put into my life.  So I am doing my part, I am humbling myself, putting down my sinful pride and asking you all for help.  I know money is tight these days and there isn't a lot to go around, but whatever you can spare is very much needed.  Thanks so much again for your prayers and support, you all mean so very much to me.

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  1. How do people give money if they want a tax deduction?