Monday, November 2, 2009


So, a lot has happened since I last posted an news for you.  First, my friend and brother Braxton (teammate from Mission Year) got married!  It was a beautiful celebration of the love God has blessed them, both recieving and giving, for each other.  Most of my roomies (we missed you Joy!) from Mission Year came, even Irvin our fabulous City Director, and we had a great time of fellowship and fun.

A couple of days after the wedding, I had surgery on my hip.  During my time in New Orleans my hip bothered me several times and we noticed a large, hard lump that was sort of in my stomach.  When I came back, I went to the doctor and had him check it out.  Turns out I had two osteochondromas (bone tumors) on my right hip.  While they were both benign, one was pressing on a nerve and was causing numbness and buzzy sensations down my leg; it was also pressing into my abdominal wall and causing some discomfort there as well.  So, on Monday, the 26th, they were both removed!  The surgery was good, I was in the hospital over night, but back home on Tuesday evening and have been recovering ever since.  I have another week or so off work, and then will be checked for regular activities. 

My books have been provided!  Thank you all for your generous donations, and because of them I have recieved all of the books I need for my trip!  I am excited and can't wait to get reading.

However, I am really having trouble fund raising, and if I can't get the funds, then the books wont be needed because I wont be going anywhere.

I was supposed to have raised $2000 by November 1st.  And the first came and went, and I have about $60 raised.  This is a big problem, because my next goal is to have another $2000 raised by December 1st, for a total for $4000.  I really don't know what else to do.  I keep praying about this, and I just keep feeling like God is continuing to tell me to trust him, and to trust the contacts that he has given me to raise the funds.  I do, I trust him, and I know that he can help the funds come in.  So, I am waiting to see what will happen.  Just please continue to pray about this, and be generous, and give to this ministry.  Thank you all so much.

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